Christian Hönniger


Lösekes Blues Gang mit den Lösekes Horns

Lösekes Blues Gang - It ain't easy for me

Annika Bruhns & Band

Van Blue Music rocks Bat City

Dirty Curtain Bluesband - Extra Jimmies

Bandits - Come Together

Bandits - Whammer Jammer

Van Blue Music - I'm a Woman

Small Change - Stormy Monday

Cry Babies - Trouble

Cry Babies - Sweet Home Chicago

Bandits - Hip to be Square


Lösekes Blues Gang @ Jazztime Hildesheim

Rhedwood @ Friends - Sharp Dressed Man

Annika Bruhns Band - Look at us now

Van Blue Music - Feel so damn good

Dirty Curtain Bluesband - Mini-Skirt Baby

Third Teeth - Biking Viking

Bandits - Walking by Myself

Van Blue Music - Anything you want me to do

Small Change - Work Song

Cry Babies - Say Mama

Bandits - Long Train Running